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News from Yorkshire Cancer Research

Our new research strategy now places even more emphasis on putting the people of Yorkshire first! Why? Simple. National funding for cancer research in Yorkshire has reduced in real terms over the last 10 years and according to the NCRI’s most recent analysis, dropped £4.6m last year alone, a 10% reduction!

Yorkshire Cancer Research has just £5m (<1% of National cancer research funding) available each year and this comes entirely from the generosity of Yorkshire people who give their time and money and make extra-ordinary efforts to support their very own cancer research charity. So we must use this money wisely to improve cancer outcomes in Yorkshire. Whilst the types of cancers in Yorkshire might be similar to the rest of the UK, the incidence and survival rates are, in many cases, considerably worse. Of course we recognise that there are important socio-economic and cultural influences, late diagnoses and inequalities in healthcare but all the evidence shows that research-rich population centres have better health outcomes. The decline in national funding for cancer research in Yorkshire makes it even more important for YCR to focus on the specific cancer problems in Yorkshire, one of which is the lower participation in clinical trials compared to the rest of the country.

In 2013, YCR saw a significant shift towards translational research and we are delighted to announce that a total of £4.3m was awarded with a success ratio of 1 in 4 from full application. For the first time, 3 Programme Awards have been made in one funding round including an exciting opportunity to establish a dedicated Early Stage Clinical Trials Unit in Leeds.

The 2014 funding round will be launched very soon and the Charity is looking forward to seeing applications that will be first and foremost targeted towards helping the people of Yorkshire avoid, survive and cope with cancer. This is our core purpose!

Please visit www.ycr.org.uk for more details on the successful awards and for details about the launch of the 2014 round.

Oxbridge Bio Tech

Oxbridge Bio Tech

OneStart is open to aspiring life science entrepreneurs aged 35 and younger, who are living or working in the Europe or Americas. The competition will be run in stages and covers four tracks: drug discovery, medical devices, diagnostics and health IT. Entrants can join individually or as a team, and are encouraged to recruit other scientists and even business students. Teams will be given access to mentors and other resources, and have the opportunity to network with leading pharmaceutical companies, venture capitalists and advisory firms. A judging panel of experts will select the ultimate winner. The prize will be awarded to the most compelling idea with the potential to impact the lives of patients.

Find out more: www.oxbridgebiotech.com/onestart/

Disclosure Requirements

NIHR news

YCR is a non-commercial NIHR partner. The studies that we fund are automatically eligible for consideration for Clinical Research Network support and as the Charity moves to a more patient focussed agenda, this will become more important. From time to time we will pass on NIHR news which we believe could be useful for YCR researchers. In February 2014, NIHR will issue a call for evaluative research for long-term conditions in children and young people. The research will aim to provide the evidence base to improve the health outcomes for children and young people, up to the age of 25, that result from long-term conditions. The call wants to:
  • support capacity building across a wide range of disciplines working with children’s health and disabilities;
  • increase the volume of high quality research on the efficacy, effectiveness, delivery and organisation of interventions and services for children and young people.
Further details will be published in due course at www.themedcalls.nihr.ac.uk
Disclosure Requirements

Reminder: Disclosure Requirements

In our Summer Newsletter we gave you a reminder about some additional information that we need from you when you submit your research data before publication to the dedicated email address at disclosure@ycr.org.uk

Some of you have taken the additional requirements on board but a number of you haven’t, and this is making the process more difficult to manage. We have reviewed over 270 items of data now, sometimes multiple items from the same PI and in respect of the same Award. We are very keen to maintain our speed of response but we need your help to do this.

When you email us with data or other material that you propose to disclose:

1. please supply the YCR Award number/reference to which the data relates;
2. where the data you are submitting is similar or related to an earlier disclosure you have made, please supply the earlier disclosure reference (0XXXD) and also indicate how the new disclosure differs from the previous disclosure.
3. if data has been previously disclosed, whether by formal publication (abstract, poster, talk or article) or more informal method (lab talk, internal seminar), please let us know that when you send the disclosure to us. And if the disclosure was, for instance, at a previous YCR ASM, please supply the earlier YCR disclosure reference.

These additional requirements are contained in the latest edition of our Policies for Awards document and apply to all Awards with immediate effect.

Thanks again for working with the charity on the disclosure process.
Science Equipment

Equipment provisions in Award Conditions

The Award Conditions applicable to Awards made in the 2014 Funding Round will be available via the website shortly. The main change to the Conditions is to add an entirely new condition in relation to the acquisition, care, maintenance and post-Award fate of all equipment that is funded by the charity, Please take the time to read this new condition if equipment has been acquired as part of any existing Award or if it forms part of any planned application to the charity for an Award.
Science Equipment

Leeds-based YCR-funded researchers

A reminder that following discussions between Yorkshire Cancer Research and the University of Leeds, and with immediate effect, please will all Leeds-based Yorkshire Cancer Research-funded researchers copy any data that they submit to disclosure@ycr.org.uk under condition 6.1 of the charity’s Award Conditions to the Stratified Medicines Hub at innovationstratmed@leeds.ac.uk This ensures that our colleagues at Leeds receive the data at the same time as we do and aids and speeds the process of approval to publication by both the charity and the University
2014 Events

Register your intertest for 2014 events

Dust off your running shoes and pull the bike out of the shed. You can now register your interest for a number of 2014 events including The Great North Run, The Great Yorkshire Run and The Dales Rider.

View all events: yorkshirecancerresearch.org.uk/category/events/

If you have any questions please get in touch with Dr Kathryn Scott– Head of Research Funding.

Email: kathryn@ycr.org.uk
Phone: 01423 877 239

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