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2016 Funding Round

Tackling Yorkshire’s Cancer Problems
Our purpose is to improve cancer outcomes for people in Yorkshire by investing in research-led innovation that will help us all avoid, survive and cope with cancer.
The Charity has launched an ambitious new 10 year strategy which will improve cancer outcomes in the region. Yorkshire has the third worst cancer incidence rates in England, with 11 of 13 local authorities in the region having outcomes below the national average. More details are in our strategy document which is available to download.
The Charity kick-started its new strategy by hosting expert workshops on lung cancer and the early diagnosis of cancer. They were attended by more than 100 of the most influential and experienced leaders in the field from a broad range of disciplines. The workshops helped us to define the 2016 funding priorities in lung cancer and early diagnosis. We would like to thank everyone who took part in this important initiative.
We have allocated £6.5m for the 2016 Funding Round and we are inviting applications in the following areas:

  1. Changing behaviour in relation to cancer signs and symptoms in deprived communities
  2. Using primary care to improve the uptake of National Cancer Screening Programmes
  3. Testing novel early diagnosis tools in a primary care setting
  4. Testing new clinical interventions in lung cancer or early diagnosis
  5. Using CT screening to identify early lung cancer in “at risk” populations
  6. Developing new models of best practice in lung cancer pathways across Yorkshire


There is a specific requirement to contact the Charity before making an application to check that your proposal is in scope for the 2016 Funding Round.
To arrange a phone call please email


Please note there is no preliminary application form for the 2016 Funding Round.
Applications will be accepted from any organisation in the UK who can deliver improvements in Yorkshire in lung cancer or early diagnosis.

The key dates for the Round are:

Funding round opens – Thursday 24 March 2016
Application deadline – 5pm, Wednesday 15 June 2016
Funding decision – Early December 2016

The following supporting documents are available to download:

  1. 2016 Funding Round Announcement
  2. Information for Applicants
  3. Application Form
  4. Award Conditions
  5. Policies for Awards

For any queries about the Funding Round or the application process, please email

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