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Research Advisory Panel


As part of our strategy, we set clear priorities and measure our achievements against them. Yorkshire Cancer Research’s research advisory panel confirms the quality and relevance of all research that is referred to the general guidance on public benefit when reviewing our activities against the objectives we set ourselves and in planning future activities. Yorkshire Cancer Research aims to fund the best quality scientific research into the causes and cures of cancer. We aim to provide a broad mix of scientific awards that gives our researchers the best chance of finding breakthroughs. We will also encourage other funders of cancer research to support world-class Yorkshire scientists and clinicians. We will ensure that the next generation of scientific leaders are being developed. The following list  are those who belong to our Research Advisory Panel.



Cohort: Research

  • Dr James Allan
  • Professor Paul Aveyard
  • Dr Tim Batchelor
  • Dr Krishnan Bhaskaran
  • Professor Judith Bliss
  • Dr Lucy Brindle
  • Dr Christine Campbell
  • Dr Ananya Choudhury
  • Professor Nicola Curtin
  • Dr Amanda Daley
  • Dr Andrew Davies
  • Professor Claire Foster
  • Dr Anna Gavin
  • Professor Willie Hamilton
  • Dr Michelle Harvie
  • Dr David Landau
  • Dr Anne Mackie
  • Professor Jane Maher
  • Dr Richard McNally
  • Dr Peter Murchie
  • Professor Ruth Muschel
  • Dr Ghulam Nabi
  • Dr Neal Navani
  • Dr James O’Connor
  • Dr Mick D Peake
  • Dr Lorna Porcellato
  • Professor Richard Poulsom
  • Professor John Primrose
  • Professor Andrew Renehan
  • Dr Thomas Round
  • Dr Rebecca Roylance
  • Professor Greg Rubin
  • Professor Peter Sasieni
  • Professor John Saxton
  • Dr Suzanne Scott
  • Dr Lion Shahab
  • Professor Robert Steele
  • Professor Paddy Stone
  • Professor Denis Talbot
  • Professor Kavita Vedhara
  • Professor Lawrence Young


Cohort: Stakeholder

  • Mr Peter Allen
  • Mr Ian Appleby
  • Prof Nick Bosanquet
  • Mr Robert Brook
  • Mrs Janet Brown
  • Mr Stuart Brown
  • Mrs Jackie Buxton
  • Ms Ros Carthy
  • Mrs Jean Clark
  • Dr Roger Duggan
  • Ms Kim Eyre
  • Ms Heather Jackson
  • Mr Paul Jenkins
  • Ms Annie Jones
  • Dr John Knights
  • Mr Alex Kuczera
  • Dr Ian Lewis
  • Mr John McGhee
  • Mr Mick McLean
  • Ms Lynn Morrision
  • Mr Paul Newman
  • Ms Julia Rangecroft
  • Mr Chris Schofield
  • Dr Tony Sedgwick
  • Mr David Spillane
  • Dr Jill Warren
  • Ms Sara Wilson

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