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Centres of Excellence

Cancer ResearchCapacity building tomorrow’s leaders in cancer research to improve outcomes for cancer patients in Yorkshire

This project will train and support a faculty of clinical and non-clinical researchers within the Yorkshire Cancer Research Fellowship Platform, with the aim of improving outcomes for Yorkshire’s cancer patients. Research will focus on themes such as living with cancer in Yorkshire, supporting patient’s choices, and development of new treatments. With backing from a multidisciplinary team of experts, Professor Stewart and team aim to develop tomorrow’s leaders in cancer research in Yorkshire.


  • Principle investigator: Professor Paul Stewart
  • University of Leeds
  • Award amount: £4,000,000
  • April 2016 – March 2022



Cancer ResearchReducing Inequalities in Cancer Outcomes in Yorkshire: Realising our potential for innovation in Diagnosis, Patient Management, Survivorship and Palliative Care Research

Cancer outcomes are often worse in Yorkshire than in England as a whole and for some cancers are particularly poor in Hull. There are also significant cancer outcome inequalities between different groups; for example poorer people and older people are more likely to die sooner. This investment will fund the appointment of 11 of the country’s most promising researchers, who will conduct research to understand these differences and develop and test ways to reduce the inequalities and improve access to care and new treatments. The work will help to establish the city as a centre of excellence for cancer research, and the programme is expected to attract further national funding to the area.


  • Principal applicant: Professor Una Macleod
  • University of Hull
  • Award amount: £4,945,546
  • September 2017 – August 2022



Cancer ResearchYorkshire Cancer Research Catalyst for Innovation in Cancer Care and Treatment in Sheffield (YCR CONNECTS)

An estimated 18,235 people in Sheffield are currently living with or beyond cancer. This number is expected to increase to 28,450 people by 2030, meaning significantly more people will need access to the best treatment and long-term care. This project will establish a faculty of senior cancer fellowships within Sheffield to focus on strategic local priorities including:
1) developing and testing new ways to diagnose and assess lung cancer
2) carrying out innovative clinical trials
3) improving the health and wellbeing of patients living with and beyond cancer
4) addressing health inequalities by improving early diagnosis and access to treatment
The research will involve thousands of patients living in the South Yorkshire area, and the funding is expected to attract further investment into cancer research in Sheffield.


  • Principal applicant: Professor Janet Brown
  • University of Sheffield
  • Award amount: £4,549,817
  • April 2017 – March 2024