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Early Diagnosis

Cancer ResearchAwareness and Beliefs About Cancer (ABACus): randomised controlled trial of the health check intervention to improve cancer symptom awareness and help seeking among people living in socioeconomically deprived communities

Research shows that cancer survival rates are lower in disadvantaged communities, possibly due to people not being aware of symptoms or putting off visiting the GP. Trained advisors working on this project will use an online health check questionnaire to help to raise awareness of cancer symptoms and cancer-related lifestyle risks in communities in Yorkshire and Wales, and encourage earlier help-seeking where appropriate. This project aims to increase earlier detection of cancer in deprived communities across Yorkshire, leading to a wider range of treatment options and a greater chance of survival.


  • Principal applicant: Dr Kate Brain
  • Cardiff University
  • Award amount: £486,014
  • May 2017 to September 2019



Cancer ResearchUsing primary care to increase uptake of the Bowel Scope Screening Programme in Hull: evaluating paper and telephone based interventions

Bowel cancer is the second most common cause of cancer death. Bowel scope screening (BSS) saves lives by removing pre-cancerous growths within the bowel, which can help to prevent the disease. Dr McGregor’s team will look at ways in which GPs can encourage their patients to consider screening. Using specifically designed BSS information leaflets and GP-based reminders to target people who do not attend their appointments, their work aims to increase BSS uptake and dramatically reduce the number of preventable bowel cancer deaths in Yorkshire.


  • Principal applicant: Dr Lesley McGregor and Dr Christian von Wagner
  • University College London
  • Award amount: £347,666
  • April 2017 – October 2019



Cancer ResearchPEOPLE-HULL: Primary care and community Engagement to Optimise time to Presentation with Lung cancer symptoms in HULL

More people are diagnosed with and die from lung cancer in Hull than any other place in Yorkshire. “PEOPLE-HULL” aims to improve earlier diagnosis of lung cancer by:
1) getting people to see their doctor when they develop lung symptoms
2) getting GPs to see and refer them sooner.
Professor Macleod, Dr Mitchell and team will develop a community campaign about lung cancer stories and symptoms then invite smokers and ex-smokers for Lung Health Checks. These checks will provide tailored information about symptoms and brief tailored interventions to encourage consulting. The team will also work with GP practices to make it easier for people to get GP appointments and referrals to chest X-ray if they have potential lung cancer symptoms.


  • Principal applicant: Professor Una Macleod and Dr Liz Mitchell
  • Hull York Medical School
  • Award amount: £712,500
  • June 2017 – November 2020



Cancer ResearchThe Yorkshire Lung Screening Trial

Lung cancer is the biggest cancer killer in Yorkshire, with most patients presenting with advanced, incurable disease. A largescale study in the US has shown that checking people at high risk of lung cancer with regular screening scans detects early, curable cancer and reduces deaths by 20%. Lung cancer screening is not currently available in the UK, in part due to the fact that it is not yet clear which people would most benefit from screening. The Yorkshire Lung Screening Trial will test CT screening in mobile vans in community settings in Leeds and identify which people should be invited for screening. If lung cancer screening were introduced across Yorkshire, hundreds of lives could be saved every year.


  • Principal applicant: Dr Mat Callister
  • Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust
  • Award amount: £5,215,936
  • May 2017 – April 2024