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Cancer ResearchOccasionally Yorkshire Cancer Research will provide funds to purchase equipment for researchers to use. These awards provide state of the art facilities for YCR researchers and are often shared between several researcher groups, allowing research to be done more quickly and accurately. Examples of equipment that we have provided funds for includes a DNA sequencing machine, ma machine for analysing how active genes are, and a machine to analyse the differences between cancerous and healthy cells.



Cancer ResearchIVIS Lumina II Imaging System

The imaging system funded by this award has been used to support a number of different projects at the University of Sheffield. Researchers are examining how different treatments can influence the spread of cancer (metastasis) into lung and bone tissue. The results of this project will help to inform new treatments and treatment combinations that are the most effective in stopping cancer from spreading.


  • Principal investigator: Professor Claire Lewis
  • University of Sheffield
  • Award amount: £62,500
  • June 2011 – May 2016