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Patient Reported Outcomes Research

Cancer ResearchThe Yorkshire Cancer Research Bladder Cancer Patient Reported Outcomes Survey

Understanding the experiences of people suffering from cancer is important when shaping the care and resources that are provided for them. A team led by Professor James Catto are developing a survey which they will use to collect the experiences of bladder cancer patients across Yorkshire. The results of this survey will help to identify what is important to ensure the best quality of life for bladder cancer patients, and provide vital information to future patients and healthcare providers.


  • Principle investigator: Professor James Catto
  • University of Sheffield
  • Award amount: £352,606
  • May 2016 – April 2019



Cancer ResearchCurative treatment modalities of early stage Non Small Cell Lung Cancer: Effect on Patient Reported Outcomes of Video Assisted Thoracoscopic (VATS) Resection and Stereotactic Ablative Body Radiotherapy (SABR)

There are two primary treatment options for early stage non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC): surgery to remove the cancer or radiotherapy to kill the cancer cells. Professor Velikova’s team is examining how patients make the decision between these two treatment options. They will also help patients report any symptoms or problems arising after their treatment, and determine how they feel about the treatment decision process and the choices they made. This information can then be used to help other NSCLC patients make an informed decision about their treatment.


  • Principle investigator: Professor Galina Velikova
  • University of Leeds
  • Award amount: £200,083.47
  • January 2016 – December 2019



Cancer ResearchePRIME Yorkshire: electronic Patient self-Reported outcomes to Improve cancer Management and patient Experiences

As cancer survival rates improve, more people are living with and beyond cancer. Although many may be cured or in remission, they need follow up to detect recurrence and monitor after-effects of treatment, whilst those with advanced cancer need close monitoring. This project will build upon an existing electronic patient portal which allows patients to report symptoms and adverse effects of treatment, can provide appropriate advice, and alert clinicians to serious symptoms. By extending use of the system across Yorkshire the team aim to improve patient care, experiences and safety.


  • Principle investigator: Professor Galina Velikova
  • Leeds Institute of Cancer and Pathology
  • Award amount: £497,534
  • February 2016 – January 2020



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