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Skin Cancer Research

Cancer ResearchSequestering nucleolar-localised cellular proteins enhances KSHVDNA replication

KSHV is a virus which does not cause any symptoms in a healthy individual, but can cause cancer in immunosuppressed patients, for example people who have had a transplant or who have HIV. The aim of this project is to identify how the virus particles are produced, and to find ways to stop their production. This could form a new way to treat KSHV associated diseases and halt tumour development.


  • Principle investigator: Professor Adrian Whitehouse
  • University of Leeds
  • Award amount: £160,401
  • Jun 2011 – September 2014



Cancer ResearchAdministration of systemic oncolytic reovirus to patients with melanoma

Certain viruses can both kill cancer cells directly and use a patient’s own immune system to fight their cancer. This project is investigating the use of a one of these viruses (reovirus) in patients with advanced melanoma. The virus will be given to patients before surgical treatment, and the cancerous tissue biopsies will be examined to see what effects the treatment has had on the cancer and the immune system.


  • Principle investigator: Dr Christy Ralph
  • Leeds Institute of Cancer and Pathology
  • Award amount: £215,292
  • September 2014 – September 2017