Cancer in Yorkshire

People are more likely to get and die from cancer in Yorkshire than almost anywhere else in England.

Yorkshire as a region has the third-worst cancer outcomes in England.

Yorkshire Cancer Research exists to change this.

Over 30,000 people are diagnosed with cancer each year in the region

Cancer impacts people from all backgrounds and walks of life. Factors in Yorkshire such as rural isolation, poverty and behaviours such as smoking are all reasons why cancer disproportionately impacts people in the region.  

That's why we fund £10 million of research every year

The research we fund helps to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer. Our aim is that every year, at least 2000 more people survive cancer in our region.

Join us and help save lives in Yorkshire.


Towards a healthier Yorkshire

Cancer is caused by cell changes in our body and these cannot always be prevented. But it is possible to prevent some forms of cancer through healthier habits such as not smoking, eating a healthy diet and being more active. We aim to help people in Yorkshire live a healthier life. 

But for many reasons, including environmental, social and economic factors, not everyone can make those changes by themselves. Alongside the Government and other agencies, we can help to make the world around us a healthier place to live.

Yorkshire has the highest smoking rate in England

Smoking causes more than 7 in 10 lung cancers in Yorkshire. We're committed to proactively helping people to live healthier lives, for instance through funding services to help people with tobacco addiction. 


We work in and with local communities to reach more people

From our pioneering Leeds Lung Health Check to a major new physical activity programme in South Yorkshire designed to help people with cancer prepare for and recover from treatment, our research saves lives in Yorkshire.

In Yorkshire, cancer is often diagnosed later than elsewhere in England.

4 in 10 cancers in Yorkshire are diagnosed at a late stage.

Almost 1 in 2 lung cancers are diagnosed at stage 4, which is the latest stage that cancer can be diagnosed.

When cancer is diagnosed earlier it's easier to treat

Lung, breast, prostate and bowel are the most common cancers in Yorkshire.

They account for more than half of all cancers diagnosed in Yorkshire in 2018, and just under half of all cancer deaths in the region. This is why we focus our research on these four cancer types.

Cancer screening can prevent cancer from developing and detect cancer early, however many people in Yorkshire do not take part in screening when they are invited

In some areas of Yorkshire:
•    as few as 3 in 10 people complete their bowel screening
•    1 in 10 attend breast screening
•    2 in 10 attend cervical screening

We are working to encourage people across Yorkshire to take part in screening when they are invited, including working with the communities least likely to attend and most at risk. 

Help save lives in Yorkshire

Across Yorkshire and beyond, our network of researchers, cancer experts, volunteers and supporters are working together to save lives in this region.

Take action today and together, we can save more lives in Yorkshire.

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