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Event Terms and Conditions

Third Party Event Terms and Conditions
By completing the application form for either a Yorkshire Cancer Research (YCR) guaranteed place or to register with us with your own place you agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. If you take a guaranteed YCR place you agree that this involves pledging to fundraise for Yorkshire Cancer Research and that the sponsorship money will be given to YCR by a set deadline date (not applicable to Own Place applications).
  2. You understand that should we require you to pay a registration fee to secure your Yorkshire Cancer Research guaranteed place and that this registration is non-transferable and non-refundable.
  3. You acknowledge that training for and participation in the event involves potentially strenuous physical activity and risk of personal injury. You confirm that, to the best of your knowledge, you are suitable, healthy and fit to take part in the event. You are not covered by Yorkshire Cancer Research insurance to take part in a third party event and you understand you will be taking part in and completing the event at your own risk.
  4. You understand that photographs and videos may be taken of you and others during the event and that these may be used on social media and in marketing collateral to publicise future events and the work of Yorkshire Cancer Research. As an indication, we or our partners or contractors may include such images in advertising, marketing, newsletters, general events and communications.
  5. YCR will contact you by telephone and email with reference to your application. We will keep you up to date about the event via regular emails and by phone. Occasionally we will write to you about the event and post to you anything we can’t email.
  6. The organiser of the event will normally set a deadline date by which you need to complete the official registration on the organiser’s console and therefore only this action will fully secure your place. Should you fail to complete this registration by the set deadline you will lose your place. We are unable to influence the deadline dates set by organisers.
  7. For those applying for a guaranteed YCR place we may need to add your details to the third party event organisers’ console in order to officially register you (usually your name, email and telephone). This usually triggers an automated email from them to you requesting you to complete the official registration process. We take no responsibility should you fail to complete this and lose your place in the event.
  8. By giving your contact details you accept that Yorkshire Cancer Research or our authorised partners, agents or contractors you may be contacted about the event by the Charity’s or commercial partners’ work by email, post and phone. For further information, please see our privacy policy.
  9. Your application for a Yorkshire Cancer Research place does not guarantee that a place will be offered. Some popular events participants are chosen in line with the Charity’s values and have a minimum age limit, so please ensure that you are 18 years of age.
  10. All Yorkshire Cancer Research events require participants to be of a minimum age of 18 years old unless stated in the event registration form. Should the minimum age be below 18 years of age, then the participants must have a parent or legal guardian sign an event waver for the child and will need to complete the event alongside them.
  11. You can unsubscribe at any-time by contacting the Yorkshire Cancer Research Team on 01423 877210 or by emailing

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