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2018 Funding Round

Saving 2000 lives a year in Yorkshire by 2025

Yorkshire Cancer Research is committed to investing £100m in ground breaking research and services, with the ambitious goal of saving 2000 lives a year in Yorkshire by 2025. This year we have allocated £4m to support the 2018 Funding Round and have also committed £6m to support commissioned research which will be available later in the year. Collectively, the synergy of both response-mode funding and commissioning will allow us to make progress on our target of 2000 lives.
We invite applications for the 2018 Funding Round in three priority areas:

  • Early Diagnosis and Cancer Screening
  • Cancer Rehabilitation
  • Clinical Trials


Early Diagnosis and Cancer Screening

Analysis from The Cancer Taskforce Report, “Achieving world-class cancer outcomes a strategy for England 2015-2020,” the NHS Five Year Forward View and the Cancer in Yorkshire report indicates that early diagnosis will be the main contribution to 2000 fewer cancer deaths in Yorkshire. From our own analysis, a 5% stage shift in early diagnosis could result in 90 fewer deaths over 1 year or 196 fewer deaths over 5 years in the four most common cancers. If diagnosis of these common cancers achieved the national target for early diagnosis of 62%, there could be a significant improvement for Yorkshire with approximately 1,213 fewer deaths over 1 year or 1,352 fewer deaths over 5 years. Given the central role of early diagnosis in mediating a stage shift in diagnosis, we would welcome applications addressing interventions that not only raise cancer awareness – especially in hard to reach communities – but also result in the translation of earlier presentation to primary care of people with potential cancer symptoms. We will prioritise projects that address the most common cancers as those are most likely to have the greatest impacts.
Addressing geographical variations in the uptake rates of national cancer screening programmes across Yorkshire represents an area where significant improvements may be made. We welcome applications to test interventions that can raise the level of cancer screening especially in areas of greater deprivation.

Cancer Rehabilitation

By reducing cancer recurrence, secondary prevention through cancer rehabilitation has the potential to positively impact Yorkshire’s cancer outcomes. Being physically active after a cancer diagnosis is linked to better cancer outcomes for several cancers (US National Cancer Institute). Women who did moderate exercise after a breast cancer diagnosis had 40%-50% lower risk of breast cancer recurrence. For those with a bowel cancer diagnosis, those who engaged in leisure time physical activity had a 31% lower risk of death than those who did not. Hence cancer rehabilitation could have significant impacts on the number of cancer deaths. While physical activity and other lifestyle interventions are clearly one important area of cancer rehabilitation, we are also interested in other studies to address psychosocial issues of a cancer diagnosis encompassing the areas within “living with and beyond cancer”.

Clinical Trials

Patients treated in research active institutions are known to have better outcomes. Furthermore, those involved in clinical trials may benefit directly from their participation in studies, as well as contributing to the translation of new knowledge into clinical application. We are interested in supporting clinical trials in the most common cancers: to improve treatments, monitor patient reported outcomes including quality of life, and to improve detection and survival rates. We will consider trials at any stage from feasibility through to multi-centred phase III trials, but with the caveat that those trials that are multi-site must have a substantial number of patients recruited from Yorkshire.

The key dates for the Funding Round are:

2018 funding round key dates

Important considerations for all applications

Please note that we will be returning to a two stage process. Initial Preliminary Applications will have a 15 March deadline. These Preliminary Applications will be taken through our Strategic Fit Test and those that pass through will be invited at the end of April to submit a Full Application for a 21 June deadline. Full details of the process are available in the Information for Applicants document downloadable below.
Please note if you do not submit a Preliminary Application by the 15 March deadline you will not be eligible to submit a Full Application later in the process. Full Applications are by invitation only.
Applications will be accepted from any organisation in the UK that can contribute to saving 2000 lives in Yorkshire in the priority areas outlined above.
Applications must outline how, if the research were to be successful, the work would help us toward our goal of saving 2000 lives a year in Yorkshire.
The following supporting documents are available to download:
1. 2018 Funding Round Announcement
2. Information for Applicants 2018
3. Preliminary Application Form 2018
4. Award Conditions 2018
5. Policies for Awards 2018
6. Ethics Statement 2018
For any queries about the Funding Round or the application process, please contact or 01423 877231.

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