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Disclosure, Publicity and Branding

As a result of the Charity’s recent strategic shift to focus on areas of investment closer to patients, we have undertaken a further careful analysis of our portfolio and any Intellectual Property (IP) stemming from our funded work. In light of this review, we have made the decision that we will no longer require a formal IP review of papers, abstracts, posters and talks deriving from research awards wholly or partly funded by the charity. Of course, if you do have potential IP issues with your Award which you’d like to discuss with us, please do contact us at and get in touch with your own Technology Transfer Office.
Changes to condition 6 of our Award Conditions have been made accordingly. Please note that all other Conditions remain in force. Condition 7 is relevant to the issue of IP and commercialisation and is unaffected by this change. Please do not forget that you and your Organisation must seek the prior written consent of the charity before you or it makes any commercial use of, or grants to any third party any exploitation rights over charity-funded IP.
Although we will be ending the formal IP reviews, all papers deriving from your work will still need to be submitted to as a condition of your Award. The papers will be reviewed by our PR and communications team so that we can gain internal and external coverage on stories of interest to our donors, stakeholders and the general public. Please email your paper to accompanied by a Research Publicity Form and our Comms team will be in touch if they decide to cover your work.
Please be aware that Powerpoint presentations and posters for conferences etc. must be sent, at least two days in advance, to Andy Wilson ( Documents will be checked for compliance with branding requirements, i.e. that the Yorkshire Cancer Research logo is present and displayed with reasonable prominence.