Cancer research funding

We take action today to save lives in Yorkshire.

We are a ‘research-led’ charity focused on delivering solutions and real benefits to the people of Yorkshire.

We have a range of funding opportunities that researchers can apply for to help people in Yorkshire avoid cancer, get the earliest possible diagnosis and receive better treatments.

Our priorities include:

•    Reducing the risk of developing cancer
•    Improving early diagnosis and cancer screening
•    Improving treatments

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Our work focuses on those cancers which are most common and those that cause the most deaths each year in Yorkshire. We support all phases of clinical trials from feasibility through to phase III and insist that any research we fund will have a direct impact on the people of Yorkshire during the life-time of the Award.

We run a two-stage process application process for funding. Preliminary applications are taken through our Strategic Fit Test. The Strategic Fit Test is assessed by lay stakeholder members of the charity’s Research Advisory Panel (RAP). Projects that are judged to best align with our strategy will be invited in to submit a full application.

Full applications are sent to external experts, with relevant expertise and experience, for peer review during the second stage of our review process -the Excellence Test. The full applications and peer review comments are then discussed and scored at a Research Advisory Meeting. Both lay stakeholders and academic expert RAP members attend this meeting, and their views are treated equally.  The recommendations from this meeting are then taken to the Board of Trustees for a final decision on which proposals will be funded.

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