Become a charitable partner

Help make Yorkshire famous for saving lives. Make Yorkshire Cancer Research your charitable partner.


Help us achieve our vision

One in two Yorkshire people can expect to be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime. So if you employ 100 people, it’s expected that 50 will discover they have cancer at some point in their life.

By becoming a charitable partner, you can help us achieve our vision that one day everyone across Yorkshire will have the very best chance of living a long and healthy life with, without and after cancer.

We're here for you and your employees

We want to support your business as much as you support us. Which is why we'll work with you to help your staff, their families and the local community avoid, survive and cope with cancer.

How we help your employees:

Promote a healthier lifestyle to reduce the risk of cancer as well as improve the likelihood of recovery

Provide information on spotting signs of cancer

Highlight screening programmes to detect cancer early

Improve overall wellbeing in the workplace

Create a cancer aware workforce who share their knowledge with family and friends

A partnership with Yorkshire Cancer Research can:

Help unite staff behind a common goal that matters to them

Present an opportunity for staff to feel good about themselves and their efforts to support a local charity

Show employees and the community that you care about the issues that affect them

Provide positive PR and social media opportunities

Help achieve your Corporate Social Responsibilities

For more information about how your business or organisation can get involved in helping save lives in Yorkshire, please contact the Partnerships Team by calling 01423 501269 or email

Leeds Rhinos & Leeds Rhinos Foundation

You can find out more about our partnership with the Leeds Rhinos here.

Working with the Leeds Rhinos Foundation, we offer a free cancer rehabilitation programme called Active Beyond Cancer. A 12-week programme, it aims to help people recover and live well after cancer by offering free coaching and advice on health and fitness.

The Leeds Rhinos Women’s Team is also working with us to highlight community health advice and research projects throughout the region. As part of this, our logo has been included on the team’s first kit for the 2018 Women’s Super League season.

For more information and to register your interest to take part in the next Active Beyond Cancer programme, please email or visit