Fundraising Ideas

You can fundraise in whichever way you like, but here are a few ideas to get you started.

Do something active

If fitness is your thing (or even if it isn’t, but you fancy giving it a go) then why not do an obstacle run or organise a challenge at your gym?

Be a host with the most

If you fancy yourself as the next Mary Berry, then hold a coffee morning or afternoon tea. Love a posh do? Dust off your glad rags and organise a black tie event.

How about a good old variety show? You may be surprised by what hidden talents your nearest and dearest hold.

Take a look at our Tips and Toolkits page for more information on organising a successful event.

Give it up

Like a tipple? Addicted to sugar? Get twitchy at the thought of being parted from your phone? Give your vice up for a month and get family and friends to sponsor you. Boost your fundraising with a self-imposed fine for every time you slip up and also save money for yourself on the wine, chocolate or crisps!

Another popular idea is to give up presents on special occasions and ask people to donate to Yorkshire Cancer Research instead.

Keep it simple

We’re talking old school, traditional fundraising here. Raffles, dress down days, office swear boxes, ‘Name the Teddy’, sponsored silences, car boot sales, washing cars........... the list goes on.

Go all out

How about doing a different fundraising activity every month for a year? Or why not create your own weird and wonderful challenge? You could even try to break a world record.

Download our Fundraising Guide for more inspiration.