Tips and toolkits

Here are our top tips for organising
your own fundraising event.

When and where will it happen?

  • Choose a date that’s best for the people you want to invite, remembering to give yourself enough time to organise everything.
  • Find out what else is happening that day – try not to clash with a big event such as a major football match or local event.
  • What is the best venue? Your house, community centre, hotel or local pub?
  • Think budget.
  • Is there a cost to hire the venue? Consider whether you will raise enough money on the day to justify the cost. Don’t forget to tell the venue it’s for charity – you may get a reduced rate. If you require a letter from us to confirm you are fundraising for Yorkshire Cancer Research then please get in touch.
  • Think practically. Will the venue be big enough? Will it be too big? Does the venue have the relevant licences and health and safety policies? Look at our Keeping it safe and legal page for extra help.


Who’s going to come?

  • Invite, invite, invite. The more the merrier!
  • Give people plenty of notice, with a reminder the week before.
  • Think about getting in touch with local newspapers, websites and bloggers. Look at our promotion section for help with this.
  • Get social! Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter are great platforms to advertise your event and keep people updated.
  • Spread the word. Don’t forget your email contacts, work newsletters or noticeboards.


What do you need?

  • Think about all possible scenarios and you’ll be ready to enjoy your event.
  • Equipment. What do you need to buy? What could you borrow?
  • Do you need volunteers? Remember to ask people to help in plenty of time.
  • Have an ‘on the day checklist’ so you don’t forget anything.


How are you going to raise the money?

  • This is such a key question but it can sometimes get overlooked in the excitement of organising a great event. Have an ideas sharing session and try and think of as many ways as possible.
  • Online fundraising pages are a great way for people who can’t attend to still donate.
  • Contact us to request personalised sponsor forms.
  • Raffles, tombolas and refreshment stalls are always popular. Download our Fundraising Guide for more ideas.
  • Let us know how we can help – we can provide collection tins and t-shirts.