Funding research that saves lives in Yorkshire

Yorkshire's independent cancer charity

At Yorkshire Cancer Research our aim is that every year, at least 2000 more people survive cancer in our region. Each year we are funding £10 million of vital cancer research and it's all for the benefit of the people of Yorkshire.

Find out more about the studies and clinical trials that are helping to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer by following the links below.

Prevent cancer

While not all cancers are avoidable and some are hereditary, it is possible to prevent four out of ten forms of cancer. We work in local communities to reduce the risk of developing cancer in the first place by focusing on those at high risk and on particularly prevalent cancers.

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Diagnose cancer

By diagnosing cancer early, it’s easier to treat. We help people understand the signs and symptoms and fund vital screening to help identify the earliest signs of cancer so it can be treated sooner when there’s greater likelihood of recovery.

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Treat cancer

Our research has a direct impact on people with cancer in Yorkshire. We are improving access to the very best treatments throughout our region and funding rehabilitation programmes that can reduce the risk of cancer returning.

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