Cancer Awareness

Being aware of common signs and symptoms of cancer could save your life. We’re encouraging people to discuss changes to their body with their doctor to help get the earliest possible diagnosis.

No one knows your body better than you… that’s why it’s important to check yourself for any changes and talk to your doctor as soon as possible if you notice anything unusual. Getting an early diagnosis of cancer relies on a number of things like recognising changes to your body, going to the doctor, being referred for tests and going along to them. But sometimes it’s difficult to get an appointment or you dismiss the symptom, or perhaps, even fear what tests might find.

We not only want to increase awareness of cancer signs and symptoms, but also understand why it takes some people longer to have their cancer diagnosed.

Understanding the experiences of bowel cancer patients

We’re working with bowel cancer patients from communities in North Yorkshire to understand their experiences of bowel cancer symptoms and their responses to them. This will help work with other local organisations to identify why some people avoid going to their doctor with bowel cancer symptoms, and the potential solutions to this.

Testing a new health check project

We’re testing a new health check project aimed at improving the early diagnosis of cancer in disadvantaged communities across Yorkshire. The trial is in the form of a new online health questionnaire which is carried out by trained advisors. The results are then used to determine whether those who complete the questionnaire should see their doctor as a precaution.