How we help diagnose cancer

When cancer is diagnosed early, it's easier to treat.

We help people understand the signs and symptoms and increase participation in vital screening that identifies the very earliest signs that cancer may be developing. We understand people are busy, so we fund mobile screening units that travel around the area so that it is easier to attend an appointment. Our aim is that the cancer is found before you even know it's there, offering the very best chance of successful treatment. 

Examples of how we help diagnose cancer

Leeds Lung Health Check

Cancer type: Lung

Region: Leeds

Lung cancer is the most common cancer in Yorkshire. It is frequently diagnosed at a late stage when treatment options are more limited and survival rates are lower. Yorkshire Cancer Research is funding the Leeds Lung Health Check, a pioneering programme that will help to diagnose lung cancer early, when it's easier to treat. 

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Wise Up To Cancer Health Programme

Cancer type: Cervical, bowel, breast 

Region: Yorkshire

In some areas of Yorkshire, the number of people who take part in cancer screening is below the average in England and awareness of the signs and symptoms of cancer is also low. Yorkshire Cancer Research is funding community programmes to tackle this problem. 

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Encouraging bowel cancer screening

Cancer type: Bowel

Region: Bradford

We’re working with Bradford City CCG (an NHS body responsible for the planning of health care services) to encourage people across Bradford and Airedale to take part in the NHS bowel screening programme when invited. People who don’t complete their screening will receive a follow-up phone call from trained translation team members who will be able to discuss screening with people in their native language. This kind of tailored approach is important in multicultural areas like Bradford, especially as Bradford City CCG has the lowest bowel cancer screening rate in England.