Wise up to cancer

In some areas of Yorkshire, the number of people who take part in cancer screening is below the average in England and awareness of the signs and symptoms of cancer is also low. Yorkshire Cancer Research is funding community programmes to tackle this health inequality. 

What Is Wise Up To Cancer?

Yorkshire Cancer Research has created the Wise Up to Cancer Community Health Programme to increase awareness of cancer signs and symptoms and drive participation in national screening programmes for breast, bowel and cervical cancer. The programme has 'Cancer Champions' who work in community venues and pharmacies to increase knowledge of factors that can contribute to cancer, advice which may help prevent cancer developing in the first place. The Cancer Champions also explain the signs and symptoms of cancer so people access healthcare services and receive an early diagnosis, when the cancer is easier to treat.

Wise Up To Cancer also works with GP surgeries to identify people who haven't taken part in screening, who are then contacted with more information and advice. The programme focuses on areas where many people are diagnosed with cancer but participation in screening is low. 

Why Is This Programme Needed?

Early diagnosis of cancer increases the treatment options available. The more cancers that can be diagnosed at this stage through screening, perhaps when the cancer is too small to see or feel, the more lives can be saved.

There is still much to learn when it comes to understanding how people behave towards their health and how they access healthcare services. Wise Up To Cancer is contributing to this vital research, which will in turn inform future community health programmes and screening interventions. 

How Will The Programme Benefit People In Yorkshire?

The lives of too many people in Yorkshire are cut short by cancer. Yorkshire Cancer Research is dedicated to changing this. Wise Up To Cancer has been created by Yorkshire's own cancer charity so that people in our region can benefit from specialist advice, support and treatment. The more people that understand the early signs of cancer and that access screening services, the more lives we will save in Yorkshire.