Diagnosis and treatment

We’re investing in ways to make cancer treatments a less difficult time for patients and their families, testing drugs in clinical trials at the Early Phase Clinical Trial Centre, in Leeds as well as improving the standard of cancer treatment and care across Yorkshire.

Cancer treatments are advancing significantly and this means more cancer patients are alive today than ever before. But, we still need to know more about the best way to treat certain types of cancer and particular groups of people. We also need to find the best ways to help, care and support those going through treatment so they have the very best chance of recovery.

Research into improving radiotherapy treatment

Thanks to our funding, researchers at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust have joined forces with The University of Manchester and specialist cancer centre, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust in Manchester, to improve radiotherapy treatment for patients with lung cancer as for many people, treatment can damage the heart. The study will determine which parts of the heart are most susceptible to damage so these areas can be avoided or protected. This could improve the chances of patients surviving a year or more by around 10%. The findings could be applied in other cancers where radiotherapy is commonly used such as breast cancer.

Improving level of bowel cancer treatment

Cancer treatments can vary from hospital to hospital depending on where expertise lies. The Yorkshire Cancer Research Bowel Cancer Improvement Programme, aims to change this. It is assessing differences in bowel cancer treatment across Yorkshire, learning where improvements could be made and providing personalised education programmes across the region to improve the treatments provided. We hope this will lead to Yorkshire being a gold-standard provider of bowel cancer treatment.