Life with and after cancer

As survival rates continue to improve and the population grows and ages, more people than ever are living with and after cancer. We want to help these individuals with the physical and emotional after-effects of treatment.

There are currently over 191,500 people in Yorkshire who are living either with or after having cancer. For many, this means having to deal with the physical after-effects of treatment as well as facing emotional issues such as the fear of the cancer coming back. We want to help these people deal with these issues so that they can lead a long, healthy and happy life. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle after a cancer diagnosis not only helps manage treatment side-effects but it also helps reduce the risk of cancer coming back.

Helping reduce the risk of breast cancer coming back

Many people who have been treated successfully for cancer live with the daily fear of it returning. We’re working with women across Yorkshire and the North East who have, or have had, breast cancer. We are finding out what type of diet and exercise programme works best for them. We’ll then test this with the aim of helping others eat healthier, lose weight and be more active to reduce the risk of breast cancer coming back.

Helping female cancer patients make an informed decision relating to their fertility and treatment


Treatment for cancer often results in loss of fertility for female patients and many women diagnosed with cancer do not feel supported in making decisions relating to their fertility.  Our researchers have developed new ways to support women and help them make an informed decision.  By doing so we hope to reduce patient stress and ensure they receive the services, information and care they need.