How we help prevent cancer

It is possible to prevent four in ten cancers.

That’s why we invest in research to reduce the risk to you and those you love of developing cancer. We can stop some cancers before they happen by focusing on people at high risk and on particularly prevalent cancers. We are working in local communities to make these vital services accessible to everyone and sharing practical ways of taking good care of your health.  

Examples of how we help prevent cancer

Helping reduce the risk of breast cancer coming back

Cancer type: Breast

Region: Yorkshire

Many people who have been successfully treated for cancer live with the daily fear of it returning. We’re working with women across Yorkshire and the North East who have, or have had, breast cancer. We are finding out what type of diet and exercise programme works best for them. We’ll then test this with the aim of helping others eat healthier, lose weight and be more active to reduce the risk of breast cancer coming back. 

Vape to Quit

Cancer type: Lung

Region: Yorkshire

Smoking is Yorkshire’s leading cause of preventable cancer. The best thing that a smoker can do for their health is to quit completely and for good. We are helping smokers do this using vaping products, the most popular stop smoking aid in England. Vaping is far less harmful than smoking and switching completely can improve health substantially, compared to continuing to smoke. 

We ensure that the stop smoking services that we fund in the region give smokers the option of choosing to quit using a vaping product. We also make sure that smokers are given accurate and balanced information about vaping products to allow them to make a decision that is right for them. 


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