5 Great Reasons to Support your Local Charity Shops

26 November 2019

We’re excited to be opening our third charity shop in Knaresborough to join others in Tadcaster and Northallerton. We appreciate each and every volunteer who helps keep them running. Find out more about the positive impact charity shops and their volunteers can have in Yorkshire communities.

1. Reduce, recycle, reuse 

Did you know that the charity sector is able to sell or recycle around 90% of clothing, 90% of books and 85% of electrical goods that get donated to them? This means a lot of waste can then get diverted from landfill. And when we say a lot we really mean it – according to the Charity Retail Association a whole 339,000 tonnes of textiles were recycled or sold in the last financial year alone. Charity shops also play an important part in slowing down the rise of ‘fast fashion’ as customers can buy clothes from a more sustainable source for a price that really can suit any budget.

2. Creating jobs

The charity retail sector creates a whopping 24,000 jobs in the UK. Research also suggests that charity shop employees are often a big part of the community. In fact, 70% of charity shop managers are from the local area, with 40% having lived locally for decades says the Charity Retail Association (CRA). It’s easy to see how having charity shops in town can have a positive effect in bringing a community together.

3. Boosting skills 

There are more than 234,000 volunteers in charity shops nationwide – making them the largest single group of volunteers in the country. Although it’s true that people start volunteering for many different reasons, one common perk of volunteering is the CV boost it can provide. By volunteering you can quickly gain great experience in areas like communication, organisation and customer service. Volunteering in charity shops can also help equip young people and long-term unemployed people with the skills they need to find full time work in the future. 

4. Looking after well-being

As well as employability skills, volunteering can also help to combat isolation and loneliness amongst some volunteers. A recent study by the CRA has found that 61% of charity shop volunteers feel that volunteering has had a positive impact on their physical and mental health, with many people reporting to have more self-esteem and confidence. And if you’re giving up your time to help a cause that’s close to your heart, you’ll be sure to get that feel-good factor too. 

5. Keeping the high streets open

Charity shops use stock that’s not available to other companies on the high street, which means they don’t count as direct competitors. So even during the difficult economic circumstances of recent times, charity shops were able to remain open and keep the high streets busier as well as offering their characteristic bargain prices!

The Yorkshire Cancer Research Shops

We currently have three charity shops across Yorkshire. And although we’re new to Knaresborough, we’re certainly not new to charity shops! Our shop in Northallerton has been open for over 40 years, and our shop in Tadcaster for over 30 years. We’re incredibly grateful to the local communities who’ve been generously donating goods and volunteering time for all these years. They have helped the shops become important places in the community, selling quality goods at great prices.

What do you sell?

Our shops sell ladies’, men’s and children’s clothing, books, toys, ornaments, kitchenware, DVDs, music, computer games, furnishings, bric-a-brac and small electricals. We don’t sell any brand new goods but often the generous people of Yorkshire donate new items.

Can I volunteer?

We’re always looking for volunteers to join our friendly team. Whether you’re looking to volunteer occasionally or on a regular basis, any time you can spare makes a huge difference. Click here to learn more about volunteering or click here to apply.

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