Bingley author donates children’s book profits to Yorkshire Cancer Research

Date: 30 September 2020

An author from Bingley is to donate the profits from her new children’s book to Yorkshire Cancer Research.

During the coronavirus lockdown, Alison Wainwright decided to publish The Exchange Trip, a tale she finished writing 19 years ago. 

The story, aimed at 9 to 12-year-olds, follows the adventures of Luke Silvester, a schoolboy who is transformed after gulping down a magic potion. 

Alison, 43, said: “When the pandemic restrictions started, I was living alone and waiting to start a new job having been unexpectedly let go after Christmas. I had already been feeling low, but it got worse when my little bit of routine and family contact stopped. I wanted to get involved in community Covid efforts but didn’t know how long it would be before I started my new job.  

“Then I remembered the children’s book I finished writing 19 years ago and had been meaning to publish. I thought helping to keep children occupied and giving the profits to good causes was a way I might be able to do my bit.”

Alison is donating all the profits from Amazon sales of The Exchange Trip to Yorkshire Cancer Research. She also donated copies of the book to a raffle held at Eldwick Welly Fest, an event organised as part of the charity’s summer fundraising campaign ‘Give It Some Welly’. The raffle raised £1,510 for the charity. 

Dr Kathryn Scott, Chief Executive at Yorkshire Cancer Research, said: “We are delighted the charity is going to receive the profits from sales of Alison’s book. The money raised will help save lives by improving the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer in Yorkshire.”

You can find out more and purchase The Exchange Trip on Amazon here.

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