Cycling the Flamme Rouge

Date: 16 March 2020

Chris Burt is a lifelong cyclist from Harrogate, whose active life was brought to an abrupt halt after being diagnosed with prostate cancer in February 2019. 

Three months later, he had surgery to remove his prostate and continued to cycle up to the date of his operation.

Chris took part in the first Tour de Yorkshire Sportive in 2015, and is now looking forward to crossing the finish line once again by taking part in the Flamme Rouge ride in Leeds and Huddersfield.

The final kilometre of all bike races is marked by a red flag known as the ‘Flamme Rouge’. Riders will set off from this point ahead of a parade of publicity vehicles called the ‘caravan’ and the professional cyclists and cross the finish line in front of the huge crowds the Tour de Yorkshire is renowned for.

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As part of his recovery, Chris joined Yorkshire Cancer Research’s groundbreaking Active Against Cancer programme, which inspired him to take part in the Flamme Rouge. 

“Active Against Cancer transformed my recovery, allowing me to become active again, much faster than I would have done without it. I am now back at work full time and trying to regain physical fitness through swimming and cycling in particular.”

Active Against Cancer is a unique service offering free one-to-one consultations and bespoke activity programmes for people living with cancer in the Harrogate area. Exercise following a cancer diagnosis can improve recovery from surgery, reduce side effects from treatments like chemotherapy and in some cases, help prevent cancer returning.

“Yorkshire Cancer Research has had a profound impact on my recovery both physically and mentally through its Active Against Cancer initiative."

"In the summer of 2019 I was at a low point and unsure whether I would regain anything like my normal lifestyle." 

He added: “To be able to support the Tour de Yorkshire and the continued presence of cycling in the county while raising awareness of Yorkshire Cancer Research is a pleasure and a privilege." 

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