Marching on Cancer. Together: How a scan at Elland Road saved a Leeds grandmother’s life

13 September 2021

A Leeds grandmother has told of how her life was saved thanks to a scan at Elland Road following the announcement of the continued partnership between Leeds United and Yorkshire Cancer Research.

Dorothy McHale, who shares a love of the Whites with her husband, Michael, went along to the charity’s Leeds Lung Health Check mobile unit when it was based at the stadium in December 2018.

Dorothy hadn’t experienced any symptoms of having a lung problem, such as a cough or breathing difficulties.

However, due to her age and health background, she was eligible for a check and decided to book an appointment for peace of mind.

The check, funded by Yorkshire Cancer Research, included a lung function test, and a special type of x-ray called a screening CT scan that can detect very early signs of lung disease.

The scan showed a small tumour on Dorothy’s lung. Thankfully, it had been found at a very early stage, which meant it was easier to treat. She went on to receive five sessions of radiotherapy at St James’s University Hospital before receiving the ‘all clear’.

Dorothy said: “You don’t expect to get cancer. You think you’re not going to get it, but you can. We’re lucky to live in Leeds. The doctors and nurses at the Bexley Wing are fantastic, and they’re all working hard to make sure more people survive.

“I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to take part in the Leeds Lung Health Check, and I’m so pleased to see that Leeds United has teamed up with Yorkshire Cancer Research. The charity is doing everything it can to help save lives.”

Dorothy with family outside Elland Road, holding Marching on Cancer flag

Dorothy’s grandson Adam added: “I think the partnership between Yorkshire Cancer Research and Leeds United is really good. It spreads awareness and I’m really grateful that they’ve been able to help my gran out.”

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