John Lewis Sheffield Selects Yorkshire Cancer Research as Community Matters Charity

27 November 2017

John Lewis Sheffield has selected Yorkshire Cancer Research as one of its Community Matters charities for the next three months.

565 people are diagnosed with cancer every week in Yorkshire, and people in Yorkshire are more likely to get cancer, and more likely to die from it, than most other counties in England.

The charity’s vision is that every single person in every community in and around Yorkshire has the very best chance of living a long and healthy life with, without and beyond cancer. If we look at the example of South Yorkshire, with the exception of breast cancer, mortality rates in Sheffield are consistently higher than the national average for England. This means that more people are dying of cancer than expected given the national rates. Yorkshire Cancer Research works tirelessly to get the best treatments, most innovative clinical trials and better screening services to the region working towards the goal that by 2025, at least 2,000 more people in the region survive cancer every year.

Customers shopping at the John Lewis, which is one of the city’s leading stores, will be given a token which can then be used to vote for one of three community groups.

The shop has a total of £3,000 to give to its nominated charities each quarter. When the three months are over, Yorkshire Cancer Research will receive a donation according to the proportion of votes it has received from customers.

Caroline Wilson, Regional Relationship Officer for South Yorkshire said: “We are delighted to have been chosen as one of the Sheffield shop’s nominated charities. We would encourage all supporters shopping at John Lewis Sheffield this festive season to put their green token in the Yorkshire Cancer Research slot. The money raised will help us tackle local cancer problems by funding innovative research and community health projects.” The charity hopes to use this opportunity to raise as much as possible to go towards vital cancer research benefitting Yorkshire.

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