Lady Golf Captain raises funds for Yorkshire Cancer Research after receiving clear scan

04 March 2022

Yorkshire Cancer Research has been chosen as Howley Hall Golf Club’s charity of the year.

Lady Captain Jackie Garritt selected the charity after she attended the Leeds Lung Health Check, a pioneering screening trial funded by Yorkshire Cancer Research, and wanted to help fund research.

Jackie said: “I was really impressed that the service was funded by Yorkshire Cancer Research to help local people.

“I think that things like this are the way forward, because the more people we can get screened early, the better. The money we raise for the charity can help fund more programmes like the Leeds Lung Health Check.”

The mobile lung scanning unit offers people living in Leeds who are at high risk of lung cancer a special type of x-ray called a screening CT scan. These scans mean that cancers are more likely to be found at an early stage, allowing those diagnosed at an early stage the opportunity to access life-saving treatment.

Jackie said: “I received a letter from my doctor inviting me to attend the Leeds Lung Health Check, and at first I ignored it because I felt fine. Then I got a second letter, and I was told a scan was recommended because I’d smoked when I was younger.

“I went along to the scanner which was in a truck a supermarket car park, and the whole process was really easy. When I was told that my scan was clear it was a huge relief. I’m really glad that I went.”

The Leeds grandmother has been a member of Howley Hall Golf Club since she retired 17 years ago. Her husband played golf and introduced the sport to Jackie as a new hobby.

Jackie continued: “When my husband died four years ago, the golf club was a lifeline. Some of the Ladies here had been through similar situations and their friendship and support helped me feel like I wasn’t alone.”

The golf club kicked off their support for the charity with a quiz hosted by Yorkshire Cancer Research. They plan to continue fundraising activity throughout the year.

“Everyone has been really enthusiastic about the decision to have Yorkshire Cancer Research as our chosen charity,” Jackie explained. “We fundraise throughout the year and will organise events such as a charity golf tournament, dances and lunches.

“We also have fundraising ideas that continue throughout the year, for example, if somebody hits a ball into a designated ditch on the course, they have to put a donation in the charity box.”

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