Marching on Cancer: Chris's experience

Date: 20 December 2021

A lifelong Leeds United fan and cancer survivor has been welcomed to Elland Road as a special guest.

Chris Quirke attended the Leeds United match against Leicester on Sunday, November 7, with his wife, brother and sister-in-law.

He said: “Everything about the day was fantastic. We could not have asked for more and everybody we came across was just brilliant. It will be a day that lives long in our memory.”

Chris was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2019 whilst his wife, Tina, was pregnant with their son. At the same time, Tina’s dad was diagnosed with a terminal illness, and Chris stepped up to be there for his wife.

The 34-year-old noticed an unusual swelling in his testicle whilst on holiday and arranged to speak to his GP about it. After further tests, Chris had surgery to remove the testicle and was later told that the growth had been cancerous.

Luckily, the cancer had been detected at an early stage and Chris required no further treatment.

He said: “I would urge anyone contact their GP about anything that’s out of the ordinary or causes them concern. It can sometimes be embarrassing or awkward, but it is so important.

“I’m very lucky that my cancer was caught at an early stage, and I didn’t have to have further treatment.”

Chris is a lifelong Leeds United fan and attended matches with his dad and grandad throughout his childhood, both of whom have their names on seats in the stand.

The club have always been a huge part of his life, and the tables at his wedding were even named after his favourite players. His love of the team has been passed down to his son, Charles, who was given his first Leeds kit when he was just days old.

When Yorkshire Cancer Research and Leeds United offered fans the chance to win hospitality tickets to Elland Road, Chris was nominated by his wife.

Tina said: “I nominated Chris to say thank you. He has been incredible throughout everything. I just wanted to give something back and tell him how proud I am of him.”

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