Marching on Cancer: Thomas' experience

08 March 2022

Supporting Leeds United is a Baum family trait, and Thomas Baum has followed in his dad and uncle’s footsteps when it comes to his love of the club.

The family are all lifelong Leeds fans and have travelled the country and Europe to attend matches.

Thomas said: “I’ve always supported Leeds, and I can’t remember a time when it hasn’t been a part of my life. I started going to games with my dad and ever since then, I’ve gone as much as I can. I just love being at the match.”

Thomas was just 14 years old when he lost his father Dave to cancer in 2017.

When Thomas’ uncle Mark saw that Yorkshire Cancer Research and Leeds United were offering fans affected by cancer the chance to win hospitality tickets, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to give Thomas the experience of a lifetime.

Mark said: “I immediately thought of what Thomas had lived through, and how resilient he was when Dave had cancer.

“Leeds United was something that brought us together. Throughout his dad’s illness Thomas accompanied him to Leeds matches and would push him to games in his wheelchair.”

Mark continued: “He’s a great young man, and despite such a massive loss at such a young age, he has continued to work hard. He achieved fantastic GCSE results and despite everything continues to look forward with positivity.”

Thomas attended the match against Newcastle alongside his uncles and cousin.

He said: “The whole experience was like nothing I’ve ever done before. I enjoyed every part of it.”

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