Our Festive Guide to Less Harmful Drinking

19 December 2018

Alcohol causes around 3% of all cancers - which equates to roughly 1,000 new cases of cancer every year in Yorkshire. 

There is no safe level of drinking alcohol when it comes to our health - but it can be very hard to avoid drinking altogether during the Christmas period. So what can we do to drink in the least harmful way possible over the festivities?

1.    Have more alcohol free days in the week

Win-win over ‘chin chin’ - save yourself a packet and wake up feeling refreshed.

2. Have a low sugar soft drink or water between alcoholic drinks

I’ll have anything on your festive mocktail menu Waiter…

3. Decide to spend only a certain amount of money on drinks and stick to this limit

You know what they say… 
Look after the pennies and you’ll end up looking after your health!

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