Scenes of Yorkshire bring ‘welcome distraction’ for Bexley Wing patients

Date: 23 April 2020

Bright and colourful wall murals depicting scenes of Yorkshire are bringing a ‘welcome distraction’ to cancer patients visiting the Bexley Wing at St James’s University Hospital, Leeds.

The eye-catching displays, funded by Yorkshire Cancer Research and installed in the reception and waiting room areas in the oncology Outpatients department, include images of Burnsall, Swaledale and Roseberry Topping. 

Dr Kathryn Scott, Chief Executive at Yorkshire Cancer Research, said: “We want to help make every patient’s experience as pleasant as we possibly can, so it was a huge honour to have funded wall art which will hopefully brighten their day. They are intended to remind people of the very beautiful region we live in and help lift spirits during difficult times.”

Yorkshire Cancer Research has funded more than £40m of cancer research in Leeds since 2000. The charity aims to improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer in Yorkshire by working in partnership with the region’s universities, hospitals, local authorities and public health organisations.

Cancer patient Liz Bedggood said: “Having had to visit the Bexley Wing many times over the last few years, I was very pleased at my last appointment to see the new wonderful views of Yorkshire that now cover the walls, provided by Yorkshire Cancer Research.

“They made for a much more pleasant waiting experience, and it was interesting to see how much the charity has invested in the hospital. Thank you to everyone involved.”

Yorkshire Cancer Research has funded the installation of wall murals featuring scenes of Yorkshire at the Bexley Wing, St James’s University Hospital, Leeds

Mandy Hall, Senior Sister at Oncology Outpatients and Radiotherapy Review Clinic, added: “The new images have transformed the waiting areas from being very clinical, into bright and inviting seating areas. Patients have said they are wonderful. 

“It is very heart-warming to hear such positive comments and see patients enjoying the beautiful Yorkshire scenery. The Yorkshire scenes provide a good talking point for many people and provide a welcome distraction from waiting for a clinic consultation.”



Contact: Nikki Brady, PR Manager, Yorkshire Cancer Research. Tel: 01423 877228.

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  • Yorkshire Cancer Research was founded in 1925 and is the largest independent regional cancer charity in England (Registered Charity 516898). We are not part of a national charity. 
  • Current statistics show that 594 people are diagnosed with cancer in Yorkshire every week. 
  • Our mission is for 2,000 more people to survive cancer every year in Yorkshire. 
  • There are lots of cancer problems across the region that need to be tackled on a local level. We work in partnership with researchers, clinicians, the NHS, public health bodies and other charities to fund innovative work in four key areas: prevention, early diagnosis, treatment and clinical trials.
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