The Selby Three Swans Sportive Case Studies - Heather Emmet

02 September 2017

Knaresborough music teacher, Heather Emmet is taking on the Selby Three Swans with her cycling buddy, whom she describes as a “giant-orange-lycra-man eating far too many cakes”. So it sounds like she’s got quite the challenge on her hands!

Despite this, she’s been finding all the hours she can to get her practise rides in- even with the anti-social hours of her job- grabbing time at weekends and in the longer summer days.

For Heather, there are two reasons very close to her heart that compelled her to sign up for our sportive. She’s riding in memory of her mum and her friend, Rose, who died following a suspected diagnosis of cancer of the bile duct, also known as cholangiocarcinoma. Heather further explains her motivations: “I hope that with more funding towards cancer research that the rare cancers such as cholangiocarcinoma will be better diagnosed and ultimately better treated. Rose should not have suffered the way she did, it is quite simply wrong.” Yorkshire Cancer Research is dedicated to improving cancer outcomes in Yorkshire by raising awareness of cancer and how to prevent it, promoting screening programmes and funding innovative research, from diagnosis to end-of-life care. Through this, we aim to help more people like Rose.

Heather Emmett

Heather also finds that her job as a music teacher puts her in a position that has made her more aware of the status of cancer in Yorkshire. She continues: “When you deal with people on a one to one basis over a period of time you get to know them, their families and the community of which we are all a part. The cancer rates here have therefore had a great effect on me. I know what cancer can do to a person, a partner, a family, carer or friend.”

If Heather’s story has struck a chord with you, why not donate to her Everyday Hero page here.

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