The Truth about Will Writing: Our Top 3 Will Writing Myths

Date: 04 October 2019

Ever thought about writing a Will? If the answer is no, you’re not alone.

Over half of all UK adults don’t have a Last Will and Testament - despite the fact that most people would strongly agree that writing a Will is one of the most important things you can do. And, with Yorkshire Cancer Research, you can get your Will written for free through one of our Will writing partners. Find out how

So what’s putting us off? We’ve had a look into the top three untruths surrounding Will writing, busting the myths as we go.

"There’s no point writing a Will yet"

Does writing a Will conjure up ideas of dusty old scrolls, hours of dry legal meetings and possibly a much older version of yourself?

In reality, there are many significant life events that could be a great impetus to get the Will writing ball rolling - things like buying your first home, moving house, getting married, the birth of a child or really anything that changes your financial circumstances significantly. And since these things can happen at any time, there's also no set time frame for when you're supposed to write your Will.

"I don't have enough money to leave a gift in my Will"

Once you’ve ensured your family and friends are taken care of, you may wonder whether it’s worth leaving a gift in your Will. The truth is, gifts in Wills come in all shapes and sizes. And every gift – large or small – contributes towards saving Yorkshire lives from cancer. Anything you can afford to leave is greatly appreciated and will make a difference, no matter its size. It may also be worth remembering that by leaving a percentage of your estate - also called a residual gift - there's every chance that your gift could increase in value in the future.

"Will writing takes a lot of time"

Depending on how you chose to create your Will, it could take you just minutes to set up. At Yorkshire Cancer Research we use two Will writing partners, Farewill and The Goodwill Partnership – and we’re delighted that we’re offering a free Will writing service.

  • Farewill are an online Will writing service that use a simple questionnaire (taking roughly 20 minutes) to create your Will.
  • The Goodwill Partnership offer either a home visit or over-the-phone service at a time that suits you.

So if you’re worried about finding the time to get out to a solicitors, these options could work for you. Either way, you have the choice to make your Will instantly or take it a little slower, fitting it in around your busy schedule in the comfort of your own home.

So there you have it – we’ve busted some of the most common myths around writing a Will. We hope you’ll agree that it really can be easy to get your Will written and start benefitting from all the great Will writing services available to you. Why not be one of 40% of UK adults that have their Will sorted?

With Yorkshire Cancer Research, you can get your Will written for free through one of our Will writing partners. Find out how

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