World Cancer Day 2018 - What's it all about?

04 February 2018

Today is World Cancer Day – an event that takes place every February with the aim to save millions of people from preventable cancer deaths. The event brings together individuals and organisations from all over the globe focusing on raising awareness, improving education and putting pressure on the various governments and health policymakers of the world.
All in all, it’s a pretty big deal.


You might have already seen this hashtag popping up all over social media today. Each year World Cancer Day has a theme, and this year it’s “We can. I can.” Using this hashtag, hundreds and hundreds of tweets and posts are shared across social media each year showcasing all of the different ways we can take action to reduce the impact of cancer on our loved ones and in our communities. It could be by raising money for cancer research, it could be by contacting your local MP or it could be committing to a healthy lifestyle choice. It’s really up to you.

But we know what you’re thinking – this all sounds great, but what does it mean when it comes to cancer in Yorkshire?

Well, just like the hashtag suggests there are some things that Yorkshire (and Yorkshire folk like us) can do to help save hundreds of local people from a devastating cancer diagnosis.

How you can help

You may be surprised to know that four in 10 cancers could be prevented through lifestyle changes. Every year in Yorkshire alone around 1,500 new cases of cancer are linked to being overweight or obese. On top of this, smoking is the leading cause of early death in Yorkshire. So if we choose to do small things – like eating more fruit and veg, cutting down on alcohol, quitting smoking and becoming more active – we can actually make a big difference to cancer outcomes in the region. You can find out more hints and tips about making healthy lifestyles choices here.


How we are helping

Our focus is on saving more Yorkshire lives and making sure people in Yorkshire have the best possible chance of living a healthy life with, without and beyond cancer. That’s why we’re running our ‘Wise Up To Cancer’ programme in pharmacies, community settings and GP surgeries in West Yorkshire. Our cancer chats aim to give everyone the knowledge they need to live well and spot cancer early. We’re also continuing to work in partnership with researchers, scientists and clinicians, the NHS, Public Health bodies and other charities to make life-changing improvements to cancer outcomes in Yorkshire. Our goal is to ensure that by 2025, at least 2,000 more people in the region survive cancer every year. So if you’d like to be part of this, please share this post and donate whatever you can this World Cancer Day.

World Cancer Day #YorkshireCan

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