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Our Core Values

At Yorkshire Cancer Research we are a team completely dedicated to achieving our goals and we have our Core Values to help us do this. We have 7 core values that drive all we do day to day. These are Devoted to the Cause, Friendly, Positive, Open, Helpful, Flexible and Successful. These values steer how we work and keep us focused.


Devoted to the Cause

we are passionate about fighting cancer, we put the cause as our first work priority and we inspire others with our commitment and dedication.



we are enthusiastic about everything we do and try to see the good in everything. We make the most of every opportunity working as a team valuing everyone’s contribution.



we are approachable and consider each other’s needs, creating a fun and enjoyable work environment. We care about our supporters, colleagues and researchers and celebrate each other’s success.



We communicate honestly with each other, we are straightforward and resolve issues by talking. We speak our minds, while always respecting other people’s opinions.



We can be relied upon and encourage and support each other at all times. We treat everyone as we would want to be treated.



We recognise that we often need to do things outside of our job description, we help colleagues when they need it and we ask for help when we need it. We go the extra mile to achieve YCR’s goals.



We constantly aim to improve and are not afraid to make mistakes as we are committed to learning from them. We take responsibility and get things done.

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