Position statements

We are dedicated to reducing the number of individuals who die from cancer each year in Yorkshire. This means taking action to raise awareness of the facts about cancer.  

Our position statements outline our knowledge of and position on key topics relating to cancer prevention, screening, early detection and treatments. 


Smoking is Yorkshire’s leading cause of preventable cancer and is responsible for over 4500 new cases each year. The region has the highest smoking rates compared to any other in England and although these are lowering slowly, we estimate that Yorkshire will miss the Government’s smokefree society target by 15 years.

Helping people quit smoking for good has therefore become a key focus for Yorkshire Cancer Research. The best thing a smoker can do for their health is to completely quit for good. We believe that vaping products have an important role to play in reducing the harm from tobacco, supporting smokers to quit and improving public health.

We want to make sure that smokers are given accurate and balanced information so that they can make the decision that’s right for them. Our position statement summarises the evidence to date on vaping products and outlines the charity’s position on their use.

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Despite its acceptability within our society, alcohol is responsible for over 1000 cancers in Yorkshire a year. Findings from a survey we conducted across the region at the beginning of 2020 found that many people are unaware of the links between alcohol and cancer, the Government’s recommended alcohol guidelines and how many units they consume each week.

As part of our work to prevent cancer across the region, we are committed to raising awareness of the facts about alcohol. Our position statement aims to summarise the evidence to date on alcohol and cancer and outlines the need for clear, evidenced-based information so that those who drink alcohol can make an informed decision about whether they continue and, if so, how much they drink.

Read our alcohol position statement

Combining stop smoking and lung health check programmes

Lung cancer is the second most common cancer in Yorkshire and cuts short more than 3000 lives in the region each year. 7 out of 10 lung cancers are caused by smoking, and Yorkshire has the highest rate of smoking of all the regions of the UK.

In response to this, Yorkshire Cancer Research is funding lung health check projects to diagnose lung cancer earlier, when it is easier to treat. Working alongside these projects, our focus is to prevent lung cancer occurring in the first place by helping smokers to quit. Combining these programmes presents an important opportunity to have a dramatic impact on lung cancer and save lives in Yorkshire. 

However, there is limited guidance on the best way to implement stop smoking services within the context of lung health checks. This position statement summarises the learning and recommendations from two of our funded Awards and aims to support and guide services in Yorkshire in the design and implementation of future lung health check and smoking cessation programmes. 

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