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3 Great Reasons to Share your Story

Spread the word – save a life…

For many people diagnosed with cancer, early detection is often the key to saving their lives.
For some, it’s noticing blood in their urine, for others it’s a fast-growing mole or perhaps some unexplained weight loss. But whatever the symptoms, acting fast has often made a huge difference to their lives both with and after cancer. Here at Yorkshire Cancer Research we understand the power a survivor’s story has when it comes to raising awareness. And that’s why we’re always keen to hear from you. All you have to do is click the link and use the simple form to get your message across.
Caroline Bryant excerpt“I want to tell women not to accept symptoms as gynaecological. The chances are that it won’t be cancer, but if you can catch it early, it can be treated more easily.”
Caroline Raw, 51 – Bladder cancer survivor


Show the world what you can do…

It can be difficult to be positive when it comes to talking about cancer, but time and again the incredible stories of fundraising we receive never fail to raise our spirits. We’re lucky enough to have supporters who make it their mission to complete some truly jaw-dropping sponsored activities from swimming the length of the channel, to dashing through the Sahara desert and everything in between! If this sounds like you – now’s your chance to really show off! Use the form on the link below to share your story and help inspire others to pledge their support.
Karen McMillan-Jones excerpt“A friend told me that her daughter had swum the equivalent of the Channel and I decided that would be a great challenge for me. I thought I’ve got cancer, I’ve faced chemotherapy, and if I can go through that there’s nothing I can’t do.”
Karen McMillan-Jones, 55 – Breast cancer patient swimming the length of the channel


Don’t go it alone

If you’ve had cancer – or know someone that has – you’ll understand just how much of an emotional rollercoaster it can be. When it comes to helping others live with a diagnosis, your experience is golden. What surprised you about your experience with cancer? Looking back, is there something you wish you’d known? Use your voice to help others and fill in the form below.
Peter Hogg Excerpt“I just couldn’t believe that I had cancer again. I remember thinking ‘give me a break, what’s going on here?’ But I was glad that I had done something about the mole and that I’d been diagnosed and could be treated.”
Peter Hogg, 60 – Kidney and skin cancer survivor

And if you have any photos you think would help you tell your story, we’d love to see them too! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Whether you want to raise that extra bit of cash to help you reach your fundraising goal, or you’re passionate about raising awareness about cancer symptoms – just imagine how your words might help someone else avoid, survive or cope with cancer.

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