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Treasured Memories

It is incredibly hard to lose a loved one – we all find different ways of coping. Celebrating the life of a loved one with an online tribute may go some way to help us acknowledge those we are missing.
We have created an online treasured memories page for all our supporters to post photos and memories of those special to them. Multiple tributes can be made to the same person.
Share your memories of loved ones by sending an email with your message and a photo to Don’t worry if you don’t have a picture of your loved one we will use an image of the Yorkshire rose in its place.



“Living without Mum is hard; I miss her every day. I miss texting her, seeing her dance around the kitchen whilst cooking or baking, and spinning on the spinny chair in her office – distracting her from whatever work she was trying to do. Mum has helped make me the person I am today. She was always busy, always up to something, often helping other people, and that’s something that I will always look up to.”
Naomi Barrow



“In memory of Janet who passed away last week after a brave battle. We miss you Janet and you will always be in our hearts. God bless.”
Love from Pat and Pete



“I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since you had to say goodbye. It hurts so much everyday but to know you are now at peace and no longer suffering makes it slightly more bearable.
I’m sure you know that you are always in all our thoughts . You left a pretty big hole in all our lives, which we are trying our best to fill with the treasured memories you have left behind.
Christmas will be tough, but we will focus on all the good times we shared. I have no doubt you will have a party going on up there. Bet there’s even a lemon curd tart with your name on it.
All my love
Tracey xxx”

Tracey Bennett



“This is one of my favourite photos of my sister Bev and husband John. Sadly we lost John on 17th December 2001 as a result of melanoma. He truly was a thoughtful, clever and kind spirited human being who had a positive impact on so many. I know he would be so proud of how his son James and step-children Ben and Zoe have grown into wonderful young adults. John’s life like many others was cut tragically short leaving a massive hole in our family. We are so grateful for all the health professionals who care for people diagnosed with cancer as well as the ongoing research that continues to find effective ways of preventing and treating the disease and supporting patients during and beyond therapy.”
Kate Absolom



“Mum. I can’t really do you justice in words. You were extraordinary. You loved Christmas and this will be my first without you. I miss you so much it hurts inside. But I’m determined to make it a good Christmas for you. You were my mum, my confidante and my best friend and it feels like a piece of my soul left with you. But I have so many amazing memories. I was lucky to have you at my wedding and you made and iced the amazing cake. You put everyone else first. You worked so hard and loved your family so much. All the family holidays where your navigating got us lost. Always cooking or baking or sewing or knitting. Our days out. Getting very lost in that maze but not being able to stop laughing. Not disturbing you when your TV programmes were on. The ability to sleep on a clothes line. Even when we were told that Harold (your bowel cancer) had deposited his friends everywhere you were so brave. We thought it would be Hilda (your lung cancer) who would be the troublemaker! Thankyou for being my wonderful mum. I will love you always bidius xxx”
Kathryn Gibson



“Gran – although it has been 3 years since you passed away from your brain tumour there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about you. You were a wonderful person, who was devoted to her family and friends. When I think of you, you put a smile on my face of the memories we shared. We loved to hear your stories about your kids growing up and what trouble they got into and how you always laughed before you even began telling the story. We delighted in your baking in particular the meringues that you made! We use to fight over how many we each had as they so delicious and gooey! With your infectious laugh, love, kindness and thoughtfulness we will miss you turning up an hour early on Christmas day but instead of sadness we will have a sherry for you and continue the spirt in which you lead by. Love Rachel”
Rachel Castle



“My darling Mum,
It only seems like yesterday when we used to sit in your lounge, laughing, chatting and talking of the past . I do so miss your tales from your childhood and early adulthood. You told such wonderful stories of your life in Rawdon , of the Aunties, my lovely lovely Gran (who you were so like) and of course the antics in the shop!! I think we all remember the day you let the syrup run!! In those days they were in kegs, what a mess it must have made! Sadly the shop is no longer there, but Keith and I have visited your old home on Layton Drive, where you were so happy. You talked fondly of your childhood there, the wonderful garden with the huge orchard and how you and Eric played in the churchyard next door. What would I have done without you to help care for your grandchildren/ you were so loved by all and you were so very proud of them. We often talk of you and think of outings and parties we all had as a family. When I think of certain things I think – oh Mum would love to hear that- I so miss sharing things with you only Mums and daughters can share! You are always with me in my thoughts and heart. Gran always said we were like three peas in a pod- thinking and looking alike – us Mawsons!!! I love you so much and wish you were still with us , tho I do believe you are watching and taking care of us. Meryll xxxxxxxxx”




“For my dear Mum Carol, 19 years later you are still hugely missed, especially around Christmas & the festive season. You are always in my thoughts & remembered with a smile”
Angie Davidson



Mum Nicola Robinson

“Mum was an entirely unique individual. Often said but in her case completely justified. She was a lady of extremes. Always going out of her way to help others and to make them feel at ease – often eliciting from them their entire life history as if it we their order for coffee. She loved to be needed and like us all, needed to be loved. She was the queen of foot in mouth often oblivious to the bloopers she uttered. Her giggles were infectious. As a teacher her voice could always be heard from the back – making secret keeping a near impossibility. She is missed by family and friends every day. A force to be reckoned with – she leaves a chasm of loss in us all.”
Nicola Robinson



Helen Louise Robinson“Helen – I wish we had a chance to experience York together. You passed away from breast cancer just before I moved here. Your café holds many memories of your positive outlook and zest for life. The girls have filled it with your motos and mantras that are passed on from the walls, to inspire people that visit from near and far. We’ve met there with the rest of the family a number of times – thank you for continuing to bring us together. xx”
Louise Robinson



Dad louise Robinson“Dad – This Christmas marks 16 years since you died of lung cancer, but you’re still thought of every day. We’re planting an apple tree in our new garden and one day I hope it will house as amazing swings, tree houses and memories as you made for us. I had just thirteen years with you, but you taught me and loved me enough to last a lifetime. Thank you x”
Louise Robinson



brian-vikki-fillingham“Dad – you were an absolute star during the whirlwind of your diagnosis of Pancreatic cancer in January 2016 and the few months we had left with you leaving us in May.
You handled it all with dignity and humour. What a fantastic legacy you leave – a great role model to us all – such a kind, supportive and loving father and grandfather – those memories we have of you are priceless and keep us going when times are tough. We miss you so much but you are around us every day. Bless you xx”

Vikki Fillingham


Terms and conditions:
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  • Don’t worry if you don’t have a picture of your loved one we will use an image of the Yorkshire rose in its place.
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