Vaping Demystified FAQs

Who funded the Vaping Demystified film?

The film is entirely funded by Yorkshire Cancer Research. No other organisations have contributed financially to this film.

Why has Yorkshire Cancer Research commissioned Vaping Demystified?

Yorkshire has the highest smoking rate in England. More than 4,500 smoking-related cancers are diagnosed in Yorkshire every year. It is the biggest cause of preventable death.

The aim of Vaping Demystified is to address misconceptions surrounding vaping and provide evidence-based facts to help smokers make an informed decision on quit methods.

Who are the film’s contributors?

Dr Kathryn Scott; Chief Executive, Yorkshire Cancer Research

Dr Stuart Griffiths; Director of Research & Services, Yorkshire Cancer Research

Paul Lambert; Head of Services, Yorkshire Cancer Research

Dr Sharon Cox; Senior Researcher, University College London

Dr Amir Khan; GP at The Ridge Medical Practice, Bradford

Professor Matthew Callister; Consultant Respiratory Physician, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Louise Ross; Cessation Specialist and Vice Chair of New Nicotine Alliance

Liam Humberstone; Engagement and Stewardship Lead, Independent British Vape Trade Association

Martin Dockrell; Tobacco Control Lead, Public Health England

Clive Bates; Former Director, Action on Smoking and Health

Mike Sugden; Ex-smoker

Does the film have a pro-vaping bias?

Vaping Demystified features contributors with a variety of expertise, including lung health specialists, researchers, public health experts, industry representatives, GPs and stop smoking professionals.

We have used evidence-based science from reputable UK organisations such as Public Health England, the NHS, the Royal College of Physicians, the British Medical Association.

Who made Vaping Demystified?

eskimosoup Ltd and Storyboard Media Ltd were commissioned by Yorkshire Cancer Research to produce Vaping Demystified. The film is owned by Yorkshire Cancer Research.

Have the organisations cited in the film been given the opportunity to reply?

Yes, organisations discussed within the film were given an opportunity to provide comment prior to the film’s release.

Where can I find out more about vaping?

More information about vaping, its safety compared to smoking, and how it works as a stop smoking aid can be found here.

We have also published an article for people looking for advice on stopping smoking and how vaping products can help.

How will smokers and people with smoking-related cancer feel when they watch it?

We have taken great care to ensure a wide range of individuals across Yorkshire, including people with cancer and smokers, have seen the film in advance of publication, and that they are comfortable with the topics covered and the views put forward.

How can I get in touch with Yorkshire Cancer Research?

There are plenty of ways to get in touch. Choose the one that suits you best and one of our team will get back to you.


Phone: 01423 501 269