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Richard and his wife Julia infront of a hedge

Richard’s story

Bowel screening saved my life. If I hadn’t done the test, I might not have known I had cancer until it started to cause problems, and then it could have been too late. We need to get the message out there that early diagnosis saves lives. We want more people in Yorkshire to survive cancer.

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Tim and Bev on bikes

Tim and Bev’s story

We were having the best years of our lives together when Bev was diagnosed with breast cancer. After the devastating news Bev went through nine months of all that cancer demands but did so with a smile and a determination to get through. The support from the team at St James's was fantastic and we cannot thank the nurses, doctors, consultants and specialists enough. Behind the scenes, however, are those oft unsung heroes who do all the research into the disease and whose work makes everything possible for the hospital team to succeed. Bev is doing great and so at the end of the main treatment we decided to give something back - to raise money for Yorkshire Cancer Research.

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Jo’s story

Following chemotherapy for a recurrence of ovarian cancer in 2017, I’ve been on a drug called Lynparza which has been successfully keeping my cancer managed for over two years now and has enabled me to enjoy a good quality of life. I’m grateful to Yorkshire Cancer Research and all its supporters across Yorkshire for enabling the research that led to the discovery of Lynparza. There were many times over the last few years when I questioned whether I’d see my eldest son go to secondary school and thankfully I have. I know how fortunate I was to have had a swift diagnosis and to have the support of a fantastic oncology team and access to this pioneering treatment. It’s great to see the drug becoming available to more ovarian cancer patients and its usage extended to other cancer types.

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Jackie’s story

I’m so grateful to have survived cancer. It was the type of breast cancer that had it been 30 years ago, I’d have been relying heavily on a welly-load of luck to survive. Without research, the drugs and pioneering treatments which have raised the odds of cancer survival significantly wouldn’t exist. And without funding, there is no research. If we want survival rates to keep on improving, research will need funding. And that is one of the aims of the Give It Some Welly campaign.

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Dorothy’s Story

Dorothy was invited to take part in the Leeds Lung Health Check. She decided to go along to the mobile screening programme funded by Yorkshire Cancer Research for her own peace of mind. The check includes a lung function test and a screening CT scan that can detect very early signs of lung disease. Dorothy’s scan showed a suspected tumour and further tests led to a diagnosis of lung cancer. As Dorothy says, “The cancer was only tiny, about one centimetre I think”. Thanks to the scan, the tumour had been found at a very early stage and so only required minimal treatment.

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