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Wise Up To Cancer

Wise Up To CancerYorkshire Cancer Research is funding a new, exciting community health programme called ‘Wise Up To Cancer’. The programme aims to:

  • Lower cancer risk by promoting healthy lifestyles
  • Spot cancer early by encouraging people to take part in their cancer screening and look out for cancer signs and symptoms


Lower your cancer risk

Our risk of getting cancer depends on many things we don’t have control over, such as our genes and age. But it is also influenced by lifestyle factors which we can change. 4 in 10 cancers could be prevented by living a healthy lifestyle. To lower you cancer risk:
lower your cancer risk

Spot cancer early

Finding cancer early makes it easier to treat and gives a better chance of full recovery. To help spot cancer early you can:

1. Take part in cancer screening

cancer screening information
Bowel scope screening
A new test called a bowel scope is being offered in England. Its full name is ‘flexible sigmoidoscopy’ which is sometimes shortened to ‘flexi-sig’.
The bowel scope is a one-off test. If it has been rolled out in your area you will get an invitation when you are aged 55. Bowel scope will be available to all 55 year olds in the UK by 2021.
During the test a doctor or nurse will use a long narrow flexible tube with a camera on the end to look inside the lower part of your bowel. If they find any small growths, called ‘polyps’, they will normally remove them straight away. This is because some polyps can become cancerous if they are left untreated.
If you did not accept your bowel scope invitation and have changed your mind, you can request a test until your 60th birthday by calling the Freephone helpline on 0800 707 60 60.

2. Look out for signs and symptoms

It is important to know your body and check yourself for any changes. Talk to your doctor if you notice any cancer signs and symptoms.
Please click on the links below to view our leaflets which give more information on the following topics:

E-cigarettes – reducing harm from tobaccoAdvice on being a healthy weightAdvice on reducing how much alcohol you drinkAdvice on staying safe in the sun

Cervical screeningBreast ScreeningBowel screening

For more information on our community health programme please email

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